Saffie’s mum, Claire Eggle, works at Floweringi, a friend’s flower shop. As it is a young business, they were able to use the shop expansion and Christmas preview as a fundraiser and awareness campaign for the local community in Chard, Somerset. They held a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses. Saffie, Garth and Claire were on hand to tell many people all about NMO. Saffie and a friend raised a large amount by busking outside in the cold! The whole event was a great success, raising £375.20. More importantly, through the discussion about NMO, they have caused someone to question their MS diagnosis!

Saffie and her family with the Mason’s

Chard Masonic Lodge very kindly donated £250, and fund-matched another £250, a total of £500 donated to NMO SPECTRUM-UK, purely through a customer relationship at Floweringi – the flower shop that Saffie’s mum, Claire, works at. In gratitude to the 60+ members of Chard Masonic Lodge, Saffie painted lots of ‘thank you’, memory keepsake stones for the members to take home – and a large one for the Masonic Lodge. We thoroughly expanded our local NMO awareness thanks to this full article.

Saffie’s handmade thank you stones

I can’t help but be touched by the idea of the memory stones, as others must be. Saffie, like many young people affected by NMOSD, is without doubt an inspirational young lady, worthy of more than just our praise and admiration. Keep up the excellent work Saffie – without doubt a star of the present, and the future.

Anthony Hughes-McCann.
CEO, NMO Spectrum UK.