NMO SPECTRUM-UK praises the efforts of our very own Kevin O’Neill of Unity Trust Bank,

who, along with his friend Lee Jagger, howled at the moon in their first Wolf Run: two hours of torturing obstacles in the name of NMOSD.

Kevin is pictured on the left. Not content with raising much-needed funds, throughout their gruelling ordeal he made a point of speaking with all fellow competitors and marshals, explaining all about NMOSD.

I can only imagine communicating, waist-deep in freezing muddy water, with obstacles behind and ahead.  Well done to the two of you. Raising awareness of NMOSD, as we all fully understand, is of vital importance.

As a community, we can, without doubt, ‘Trust’ in Kevin and Lee.

The story doesn’t finish here. Not only have they signed up for the Summer Wolf Run, again to support NMO SPECTRUM-UK, but they have managed to convince another 15 colleagues to join them for the Autumn Wolf Run. I for one can’t wait to see the photographs with 17 ‘NoMOre Suffering Alone’ T-Shirts turning the muddy waters NMO green.

Please keep a check on the JustGiving page, through our website www.nmouk.org, for further details of Kevin’s efforts on behalf of all of us. Or, if you feel that you could be the 18th, 19th, or 20th member of our Wolf Run Pack, then don’t be hiding in the woods: email Tony, info@nmouk.org.

Keep up the fight, Kevin and Lee, and on behalf of our whole community we wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.