Chugai (a Japanese company that is part of the Roche group and has an office in London with around 40 staff) has been working in the field of NMO for several years now.  We started Phase 3 clinical trials back in 2013, researching our study drug SA237 (now known as Satralizumab).

There are many rules and regulations to follow to make sure that clinical trials are completed safely and to the highest standard.  This means A LOT of paper! With so much often tedious paperwork, it is very easy to forget why we do what we do and that the ultimate result will hopefully one day benefit patients.  We had arranged a summer staff meeting to remind all our staff in the UK that the patient is the core of everything we do and invited Tia Grace and Sandie, her mum, to hear first-hand what it is like to live with NMO. Both Tia Grace and Sandie gave a brave and frank insight into this dreadful and life changing disease.  Our staff found the discussion inspirational and motivating and we returned to tackling our paper work with renewed vigour.  As one staff member so aptly stated “It is rewarding to think that in some small way what I do may one day help to find a solution for patients like Tia Grace”.

Thank you Tia Grace and Sandie for inspiring us.

Date of Prep: July 2018