Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and your consideration of support for our efforts to fight this terrible disease.

NMO Spectrum UK make every effort to form relationships with our supporters which is why we will only use one company from each specific field whose services we believe will benefit through exclusive introductions to the whole of our community and throughout our partners within the NHS.

NMO Spectrum UK, are not involved with profit making companies and will not use outside agents, this is to guarantee that as, “Every Single Penny Counts” your support will go directly to where it should in our continual fight for the cure whilst supporting those affected by this incurable auto immune illness.

Raising awareness of this illness throughout the NHS as well as the general public is of paramount importance as in the past misdiagnosis of MS would lead to a worsening of the condition and in some cases, would lead to paralysis and loss of sight.

We are now in a position as well as the thousands of A4 hard copies on a county by county basis to offer a digital version available via free subscription through this website or via email

Throughout our community and the NHS as a whole we fully appreciate the support received through advertising and make every effort to utilise the services of our supporters when and wherever possible.

Thank you for your support.