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Come on board as a part of our Approved Trades Team with the guarantee of exclusivity for the services that you provide. Simply click on your desired county, and there you will see the grant application form and the blocks at the head and base of the application form where your business will be featured as a partner.

Our work within your local community is of great importance. We could not afford it without the support of kind-hearted companies such as yours. Every effort will be made to return the compliment through our website, social media and throughout our community as a whole.

Applying for a grant! If you are applying for a grant please ensure that you have read our Aims and Goals statement to ensure that the purpose of your grant falls within our grant procedure.

Once you have done that, please complete the Grant Application Form answering all questions accurately. Please allow up to fourteen days for a response, as all applications are subject to relevant checks and the Trustees’ approval. This isn’t red tape – we intend to use every penny possible to support those who need it. It must be a part of all our aims to ensure that there is NoMOre suffering alone.

We must realise that none of our aims would be possible without the support of the companies whose advertising you will see within the grant procedure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our site. I hope your day sees you safe and happy.

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