Mission Statement

NMO Spectrum-UK Mission Statement

To raise funds by various means including, but not limited to, organising local events; sponsoring participation in fundraising events such as The Great North Run and similar; ad hoc collections at other events, subject to the agreement of the organisers or sponsors.

To disburse funds for the benefit of sufferers in ways such as sponsoring local meetings, sponsoring sufferers to participate in fundraising events.  Subject to funds being available and to the approval of the Trustees, grants may be made to patients in financial hardship for items which would enhance their quality of life.

To support, by means of donations from monies received, medical research into a cure for NMOSD, and help to ease the suffering of patients, subject to availability of funds and to the agreement of the Trustees.  Such payments  to be made annually to coincide with the charity’s AGM.

To raise awareness of NMO among the general public, and specifically among medical professionals.

To promote social interaction between patients in order to help them to feel that they are not suffering alone, by sponsoring local area meetings, and by encouraging sufferers and their carers to attend both local and national events.