NMO Magazine

NMO Magazine

Welcome to the 2nd edition of NMO Spectrum UK’s official magazine. Our first edition was, without doubt, a great success.

It featured the emotional rollercoaster of Tia-Grace Ray and her mother Sandie’s desperate journey through diagnosis; our very own ‘Princess of Wales’, Niamh Wedlake, with her eye-opening journey through education with a disability; and the saddening account of Grace Hobson’s pneumonia as her 21st birthday present.

NMO Spectrum UK would like to thank everyone who had an input, from those who submitted their personal accounts of the effects of NMO on the sufferer, carer and family members, to the companies whose support through advertising made the whole enterprise possible. Thank You!

We have reached the production stage of our second edition, which we are proud to announce will now be available, by email, as a digital download via free subscription, supplementing the 1000’s of hard copies distributed and displayed in places of public interest and NHS Centres on a county-by-county basis across the UK.

Your story is important both to you and to others affected by NMO.

We invite you: please get involved.

2nd Edition

NMO Magazine Issue 5

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