The Art of Nmo – Maz Cason

I, for one, was blown away when I first saw the talent in every brush-stroke of our featured artist Maz Cason as the canvases, almost literally, came to life.

It was purely by coincidence, when meeting Maz at our National Conference and patients Day at the Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham, to form a partnership in fundraising through art, that I noticed another artist affected by NMO had a mini exhibition in the conference hall – and then I remembered how art featured prominently in Niamh’s story of Education and Disability.

That is when the “Eureka” moment happened, and “THE ART OF NMO” came to life in my mind’s eye.

This new section of the charity’s website will be open to all, regardless of artistic ability, and will give NMOSD sufferers the ability to express themselves through all forms of art, whilst in some cases, assisting our fundraising by the sale of selected pieces.

Our first featured artist is Maz Cason, and who better to tell her story than herself?

Marylyn, affectionately known as Maz, is working exclusively with NMO SPECTRUM-UK to raise awareness and funds to fight this terrible illness, whilst making memories on canvas.

Maz has donated three one-off oils to be auctioned through our site, with the auction’s conclusion to be on the night of our Green & Golden Summer Ball at The Oxford Belfry, Thame, Oxfordshire on 1st September 2018.

The first of these, ‘Ballerinas’, has attracted interest with an opening bid of £250.00.

The second, a beautiful floral scene, which would grace any conservatory or orangery, is under offers now being taken.

The third picture, ‘Heartwood Forest’, has to be seen in order to fully appreciate how the Bluebells come to life. You can almost smell the wonders of nature as it draws you in to a world of serenity.

Please feel free to make a bid on any of the above originals via email: or visit our contact page.
The auction will conclude on Saturday, 1st September 2018. Successful bidders will be notified on Monday, 3rd September 2018, via email, and will be announced through the NMO SPECTRUM Community Facebook Group.

Now, here’s something that all dog lovers would like to get their paws on – whilst donating to research into the cure or easing the existing condition of NMOSD – from a photograph to an original oil of man’s and woman’s best friend, trusted companions and loyal friends for life: of course I’m speaking of our dogs.

Pictured below are examples of Maz’s past doggy portraits with reviews from their mums and dads, so to speak.

You too could immortalise your best friend while supporting our mutual cause. To order, simply email a quality image of your pooch to or post to NMO SPECTRUM-UK 43 Foxley Heath, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 7EB.

The portraits are 30x30 cm, oil on canvas at a cost of £95.00. Visit our shop to buy now!

Maz has an extensive gallery of her work, including a special section on British endangered animals, featuring smaller, tile-like paintings that have lost nothing in quality for the reduction in size. I, personally, can see these as the perfect animal lovers’ mosaic, or just sitting on the mantelpiece as a conversation starter and a true reminder of the delicate balance of nature.

If you wish to adopt one of our endangered British animals, just click on your choice and follow the instructions through PayPal. Each painting is available at a cost of £25.

Maz has an extensive range of canvases that would grace any home or office. They can be purchased to support our fight against NMOSD, along with privately commissioned pieces also that although, unfortunately, are not for sale, are a must-see.

Credit where credit is due: Maz is yet another of our family who has triumphed through adversity.